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Introducing Foucault by Chris Horrocks, Zoran Jevtić

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Michel Foucault's work was described at his death as "the most important event of thought in our century." As a philosopher, historian, and political activist he most certainly left behind an enduring and influential body of work, but is this acclaim justified? Introducing Foucault places Foucault's work in its turbulent philosophical and political context, and critically explores his mission to expose the links between knowledge and power in the human sciences, their discourses and institutions. Chris Horrocks, whose most recent publication is Introducing Baudrillard, explains how Foucault overturned our assumptions about the experience and perception of madness, sexuality and criminality, and the often brutal social practices of confinement, confession and discipline. He describes Foucault's engagement with psychiatry and clinical medicine, his political activism and the transgressive aspects of pleasure and desire which he promoted in his writing. Zoran Jevtic's inspired illustrations give an added dimension to this fascinating introduction to a major 20th century thinker.

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